Destination: Puzzles – March, 2020

Happy 2020, puzzlers! Sorry it’s been so long since you’ve seen anything on jigsaw puzzles for adults. We have had a lot going on. Jane has retired, and I am finally taking over in her stead. My name is Ally. I’m a long-time puzzler living in the St. Louis metro. I wanted to kick things off with a little introduction, and then get to what’s on my mind!

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UK & European Christmas Puzzles 2019

I’ve always loved the limited edition Christmas puzzles from the UK and Europe.  They have terrific Christmas puzzle in general over there. Some of them are difficult to get at Puzzle Warehouse, but we should be getting some by the fall. Meanwhile, here are the images announced by the big manufacturers. Talk about Christmas in July!

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Family Fun Night: June 2020

Schools have finally been released and Summer is in full swing. During this time it can be hard to find activities for your little ones to beat the heat. Watching television, playing a video game or going on the computer can work; what’s better than having the accomplishment of putting together jigsaw puzzles for adults together as a family? First of all, we suggest making puzzling an activity with conversation, laughter, and (most importantly) snacks. Make it fun and upbeat. Turn on some music and start putting some puzzles together.

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